Author: Ministry od public administration
Published: 7.2.2017

Today, the Minister of Public Administration Boris Koprivnikar, the Minister of Infrastructure Peter Gašperšič and managing director of Avant Car Matej Čer signed a Contract on sharing electric vehicles “Avant2Go”. With this pilot project, we are taking a step forward as one of the first countries in the world to introduce a modern service which is a product of the sharing economy model. This project is based on Slovenian knowledge; at the same time, it presents an active part of the initiative Slovenia, green reference country in a digital Europe.

Minister Koprivnikar began by saying that we wish to become a reference and move Slovenia a step forward in its development, but not in developing or creating new things, but by beginning to systemically use new digital and other business models and solutions and by doing so remain focused on the ecology and compliance of people.

This trial project is green, a reference and sets a global model, and is based on Slovene knowledge. Slovenia is a country that can show a lot of new things and is not afraid to take a step forward in its development and example. We are certain that the experience gained will be good. The bad experience will present an opportunity for corrections and improvements.

Minister Koprivnikar expressed his desire, that Slovenia is not a follower of development, but a trend setter. We have Slovenian knowledge and solutions which can represent an excellent example for others. Our cooperation with Avant2Go is one of such examples based on Slovenian knowledge.

“With this contract, we commit to a pilot project that will last for one year, and then we will see to what our common experience result. At the moment, we cannot be sure what the future will bring, but if we do not try it, we will never know,” added the Minister of Public Administration.

He also mentioned that on average the official vehicles of the Ministry of Public Administration are 10 years old. “We wonder, whether to buy new vehicles or to introduce new way of mobility for our employees.”

The Minister of Infrastructure Peter Gašperšič sees the signing of the contract as a step forward in sustainable mobility and transition to a low-carbon society. “This transition is no longer an idea, but an objective we strive to achieve in every step of our journey, where decarbonisation is key. The transport sector generates app. 40% of greenhouse gases and to reduce these emissions, electric mobility is of utmost importance,” he explained.

Since last year, there are 28 electric charging stations on highways which leads to strengthening of the so-called electric mobility. That is why the Eco Fund gives out incentives for the purchase of electric vehicles. Statistics show that in 2016, there were 75% more electric vehicles sold than the years before; however, the number is still quite low, compared to other vehicles. “Therefore, the Ministry of Infrastructure is preparing a strategy and an action plan to promote alternative manners of transportation,” said Gašperšič.

In the number of vehicles per capita, is Slovenia among the highest motorized countries, with over 600 vehicles per 1000 inhabitants and over 1.200.000 vehicles registered.  As the Minister of Infrastructure pointed out these vehicles spend 95% of their time parked, so it is necessary to ask ourselves on the rationality of vehicle ownership. “The model of vehicle sharing is improving their efficiency that is why we wish to continue with this development in the future, with the alteration of the vehicle ownership concept. In the future we wish for this to become an established concept of mobility, mostly in urban areas.”

Matej Čer began by saying that the vision of the company is to create a better world that is why they are creating solutions which bring new benefits. “Good and useful innovations should be available for everyone,” said Čer and added that the purpose of this project is to introduce the user experience of sharing electric vehicles to a wider range of people and decision-makers as well as to accelerate the development of Slovenia to a higher standard.
Sharing electric vehicles is already taking place via the application Avant2Go from the company Avant Car. The users can easily book their electric vehicles. These are technologically advanced, with no harmful emissions.

Sustainable aspect is further accentuated with the use of electrical energy. Čer added that for now the vehicles are available in Ljubljana and Murska Sobota, but their aim is to extend throughout the country.

An associate from the Ministry of Public Administration Aleš Veršič also explained his own user experience, as he has been using the Avant2Go service since August 2016. As he said, he was thinking of buying a car, but then due to a number of reasons decided to join the so-called car sharing. “The vehicle can be easily reserved, unlocked with my telephone, and then drive off. I do not have to worry, if I have enough petrol, if I have a vignette, if I will find parking, and if the tires are for the summer or winter,” Aleš briefly summarized his own experience. He mostly uses the application for short drives around Ljubljana.

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